Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hoo Goes There...

It's a gooooood day toooooo start blogging!

Because of this being my very first post, and you have no idea who the author of this blog is... I will play a little game and introduce myself!

:: 5 Things About This Blogger ::
  • #1: My name is Brooklyn DeShea... I'm whatever age, in whatever town, in whatever state, in whatever country, in whatever part of the world that is. 
  • #2: I have never had a blog. I've dreamed of one, that was beautiful and artsy... Well folks. The day has arrived, and here I am.
  • #3: I am passionate about photography; I got my first camera in 2010 as a birthday gift – that's how it all began, and it's been one of those happily ever after stories. But, with a camera ... Ha. Moving on.
  • #4: Furthermore, my other skill is singing. I'm no Carrie Underwood, but it's been a favorite hobby of mine for longer than I can remember. I even auditioned for American Idol once. Although I did not have a yellow ticket put into my hands, I did walk away with the best memory.
  • #5: Wow, last one already? Gee whiz. Time flies when you're having fun! Ha! Ooohkay... I am an animal L•O•V•E•R ... Like seriously, can I have every kind of animal, now? I am the proud and happy mommy of: 
                                         • 1 baby pot belly pig, Maizy; 1 year old
           • 1 baby dorper katahdin lamb, Beaux; 5 months old
• 2 baby pygmy goats, Graham and Tonto; n/a
    • 7 precious peking white ducks; 2.5 months old
• 1 spotted donkey, Kramer; n/a
• Three black cows, Pearl, Patsy, and Pear; ~2 years old
and lastly...
• 2 good dogs, Stella and Bella

I sure do love my little crew. 

--- --- ---
Now the fun part... I'm tossing all of my eggs into your basket and it's your turn! 
Tell me something about you, my new readers! You pick the quantity ... but the max is 20. Or not. Ha!
Go, go, go, blog buddies - leave a sweet comment about yourself! 
And remember ...

Until next time,

Brooklyn DeShea

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