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          Oh, me. Oh, my. The one thing us girls struggle with the most

               beauty products.

     Do you spend more than ten minutes standing on the beauty aisle, staring at every colorful label, hoping one will magically fall off the shelf, into your cart?         
          You're not alone. 
     One of the hardest things us girlies struggle with is WHICH BRAND IS FOR ME? ... the best face wash to instantly rid my scars and pimples? A top notch makeup foundation to  provide flawless skin and quickly make me a stunning magazine model? Hair products to turn you into Jennifer Aniston, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively, and Lauren Conrad combined into one? ... Let me welcome you to the post, Primp

Well, friends ... I am just like you. I buy countless products until my bathroom drawers won't close... Easy to do. We're girls. We do that, and we get away with it. 
      Until ... today. 

I am going to take you on a spree of all of the products I have used, that are currently still in my bathroom ∞∞∞ collecting dust. Products I had hoped would do "the trick" and melt away my face's flaws, hide the brittle dry hair ends, and turn me into a makeup and hair queen. 
::   My Facial Cleansers Throughout the Years ::

#1 •  Way back when, I started washing my face with Mary Kay's Velocity Facial Cleanser and Lightweight Moisturizer. I was just on the verge of hitting the pre-teenage years. Very seldom did my face breakout, so I know it helped keep me fresh and clear. It had a light scent that was very pleasant to use, and the cleanser had a touch of grittiness – always a must in my book ... I want to FEEL it cleaning!

#2 • After I ran out of Velocity, Wal–Mart was the quickest way to get face wash back in my hands ... I went with Neutrogena's Oil-Free Acne Wash ... There was a faint scent, so faint you barely could smell it... It had zero amount of scrub, but it foamed up nicely onto your face, and was gentle. 

#3 • After being pleased with (#2), I wanted to try Neutrogena's Oil-Free Acne Wash, Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub! Oh my. It smelled sooooo gooooood! And as a bonus to the scent, it had tiny beads that bursts with grapefruit extract and gently scrubbed your face. As stated above (#1) - I love a face wash with a good scrub to it.

#4 • Months passed as I used #3 and I got restless ... Time for something new. What else should I toss in the bag and see what it does? I began having a few more breakouts appear as I was aging, so I knew I needed something to catch it quickly - something that was dedicated to acne. Hello, Clearasil Ultra, Rapid Action Acne Scrub. Of course it stuck out with the "visibly clearer skin in 12 hours" write up ... And the word 'scrub' ... What do you know? It worked. After a few washes, my acne was vanishing, and I was now a Clearasil fan. 
#5 • The next time I ran out of (#4), I went to the store and of course... couldn't remember which Clearasil product I had used! Several looked so alike, nothing was ringing a bell. So I scooped one up, and realized the difference when I got home and put them side-by-side. But it didn't bother me that much, because the names were almost identical - the only difference was the appearance, and "rapid action FACE" instead of "rapid action ACNE"... It worked the same.. and that's all that matters; it did wonders the first go around - so I wanted it to stay that way. 
#6 • We were just like all of the other families... buying Proactiv via the famous TV commercial. It wasn't a "hoax company" either just trying to make money --- when they said it worked, they meant it. 
One of my absolute favorites from the variety box of Proactiv, was the Refining Mask --- Oh my word, you're talking a wonderful product! Just before bed, I would have a zit coming up, so I would put a nice size dot on top of it, let it dry, and go to bed -- the next morning ... it was either gone... or nearly gone. FINE. BY. ME. Better nearly gone, than highly visible! 
#7 • After going through a long period of time without a face wash ~ Yeah, yeah. I know. ME? THIS GIRL? After listing all of the above, you would think I'd have a closet just for face washes... Surprise. I'm normal. And I don't... 
I was using my soap bar -- or even the last of a shampoo bottle (face palm) as my face wash. Until I was hooked up with yet another Mary Kay facial wash: Clearproof. I got the whole kiddie-ka-boodle and used their face wash, moisturizer, toner, and acne gel to put on spots. Eh... I liked it. I used it. But I probably would not purchase it again, only because I got the same results from a $9.00 Clearasil bottle at Wal-Mart. Sorry, Mary Kay.
#8 • I am a huge fan of Alex G, and she discussed the newest face wash + moisturizer she was using by Michael Todd. Hey... Her skin is stunning, I want her skin, I might as well do what she does, and hope for the best! 
So I bought the Michael Todd Charcoal Detox Deep Pore Gel Cleanser and the MT Hyaluronic Acid + C* Antioxidant Moisturizing Serum. 
Yes, they are the most $$$ pricey face washes I have ever bought... But they have lasted me several months already, and I still have a ton left. Because it only takes a quarter size of the cleanser, and a small pump of the serum, it lasts longer than any other face product I have used in the past! (No - I'm not just using it once a week ... I use it EVERY NIGHT and during/after EVERY shower!) My face, within a week, was clearer with a pretty glow and coloring. The grand reviews people had written had actually held up and were true! I had scars on one cheek from younger years, and now I barely even notice them! Cheers to wearing less cover-up with makeup and letting myself be natural more often!!

Although I am the queen bee of buzzing from brand to brand, I believe I am a Michael Todd girl from here on out. Try out one of these Michael Todd products and see for yourself!

:: Keep Checking Back to See What Tomorrow's Topic Will Be! ::

And Hey... Leave a Comment about your favorite face washes!!! I'd love to hear your favorite remedies or brands!!

Until next time, blog buddies!
Brooklyn DeShea

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