Thursday, May 1, 2014

••• 2014 Spring Colors •••

Feeling blue? What about placid blue? Or dazzling blue?

Let's just say ••• 2014 Spring Colors Are Here! •••

The gorgeous color palette for 2014 has finally made its entrance, and it is time for us girls to dress our best in these stunning colors:

First, we have a fiery "CAYENNE" red! Perfect to match those upcoming hot summer days!


Secondly, "DAZZLING BLUE" just screams for attention! Whether wearing this cobalt color via shoes, bangles, pants, shorts, shirts, jackets, earrings, or even with nail polish ... You definitely will not be a fly on the wall at any summer event!


Nothing grabs your eye more than a bright yellow! No other color says HERE I AM better than "FREESIA" ...  You will be catching the eye of many when wearing this stunning color! So pretty... So SUMMER!


MINT. ME. UP. "HEMLOCK" is subtle and very eye-popping at the same time. Adding a touch of this color, whether in clothing or accessories, is always a good idea!


Sometimes, we don't need a vibrant color to make a statement! "PALOMA" is sure to turn heads with its simplicity ... What a beautiful dress color this would be at special occasions this year! A must in any closet!


"RADIANT ORCHID" is eye. candy. It has a beautiful tone that draws you in the second you lay eyes on it! 


Got a case of the blues... But I mean, the good kind! As every color has a broad range from bold and vibrant to subtle and sweet, "PLACID BLUE" certainly has a subtle sweetness to it! Very appealing... Almost a pale grey with a hint of color... A super attractive, flirty look for 2014!


Well, friends. We have a bold blue + subtle blue as well as a bold purple... so we might as well include subtle purple, too! "VIOLET TULIP" is one of those perfect colors to cozy up into on lazy Saturdays! 


To end this amazing, colorful journey we just shared... Let's enjoy the sweet tone of "SAND" because what other way is better to prepare for the beach, than sporting its main color???


There you have it, folks! Our personal color palette for 2014! 
Don't forget to stock up on these beauties the next time you're out shopping!

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OH! And don't forget ... 

Until next time, blog buddies!

Brooklyn DeShea

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