Saturday, May 3, 2014


 :: Hosting A Spectacular Patio Party ::

Here are a few of my top picks for hosting a great Summer party, right in your back yard!
1• Globe Lights
2• A cool, long table with decor relating to the color scheme
3• A fun popcorn bar with all of the necessities
4• Fresh lemonade in cute glass bottles ( or mason jars )
5• Fun, quirky paper straws
6• Neon matches ( that glow the same color when lit)
7• A s'more's bar 
8• A bonfire to complete #7.
9• Bouquets of balloons near the table, or among the area
10• Although it is not pictured... Guests always love an enjoyable photo booth! Grab a few goofy items to photograph with, (mustaches, hats, etc. ) and snap, snap, snap!

SO. There is 10 things.. and you know me. I could list for days! I guess I will stop with only ten. Before it gets too crazy! : )

NOW, friends! What are YOUR favorite ideas for a Summer Party???
List them below in the Comments!

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Until next time, blog buddies!
Brooklyn DeShea

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