Saturday, June 28, 2014

At A Loss For Words

After I have been reading Kisses From Katie, I have now managed to wrap my family up into my journey with her story of living for God in Uganda. I personally feel that it is an incredible book to be shared in a household and even with friends!
When I see how much love she has for the Lord and desire to serve Him, and I see everything she is doing (and giving up) to fulfill His calling in her ... I can't help but feel so inadequate in what I have done (but mostly haven't done) to follow and love God; to give up myself. Questioning why God would care a thing of my self-loving life when she has done such remarkable, wonderful, glorifying things with hers? But He does. He loves me. HE LOVES me! And He LOVES you!
I have not accomplished anything in my life to deserve His unfailing, forgiving, and sweet love; not once. NOT ONCE. And yet He so freely showers me with His DAILY GRACE and LOVE and MERCY. 
I am found in God. 
And it is God that I long to please and live for.
Just as He revealed His perfect plan for Katie's life, I am eager to see His calling for my own; and I hope I have as much bravery and strength as Katie Davis to leap into the unknown and live life purely for His joy!

In His Love,


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