Friday, June 27, 2014

Commence Book #1

     Upon ordering Kisses From Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption, I was nothing short of impatient for the delivery truck to pull into my driveway and hand me a small yellow package. 
     Yesterday afternoon was just that day. I ran into the house holding said yellow package, sat on the floor by my puppy (who is laying on my knees as I type this), and began shredding the wrapping off until the 304 page paperback was within my fingertips. 
     With that much anticipation and excitement, you can already guess correctly that I would not be waiting until the following day to begin the book. A few seconds in to holding this beautiful book, and I was reading every single detail ... because that is how ready I was to read the book: the acknowledgments, foreword by Beth Clark, introduction... and then, the start of Chapter One. There was no chance that I could let a book with such an amazing story not be read word-by-word. And fully, every word
Katie Davis, the young girl behind this book, the writer and narrator, is widely gifted. Her passion to follow Christ, wherever He may call her, is beyond encouraging. Katie is an astounding writer and you want to read every word. 
You can nearly feel everything she went through to get to Uganda... Her longing to serve Christ fully... Her braveness to let go of all she was familiar with in her hometown, for a place she could only dream about beforehand. Her joy, that you can almost see the smile on her face, as you read her happiness throughout her journey there. Her love that she so freely gives to strangers and even calls them friends. Her gracious and kind care for sweet baby orphans. The list could go on for weeks.
     Katie is full of compassion, kindness, generosity, and most definitely unquestionable: God's Love. 
I believe every one grows up with the thoughts to "change the world" or "leave a legacy" ... And somehow let people know we were here. To make a difference. But the thing behind every motive is thought, and sometimes we are too afraid to do what we actually could, because of fear.
Katie is absolutely remarkable for although she had fear, she feared more than anything: not doing what God called for her life. Living "safely" and not reaching out in a country that she knew God had made her a home.

So she packed her bags and left home, for her new home, in a new place. That she somehow already realized God had been preparing her for for years. 

And I so want to quote every sentence, every thing Katie describes and conveys so magnificently ... 

Please, dear reader. Please, I beg of you to order this book if you haven't or borrow it from a friend or library, and read it. 

I may be in the very beginning of this book right now, but within the first 6 pages, I was given a very new perspective of what it means to be a Christian and a complete follower of God, and of full self-sacrifice and love for others. 

And I realize it's what life is about. Living for others.

So in closing, I leave you with this:

"The truth is, I saw myself in those little faces, I looked at them and felt this love that was unimaginable and knew that this is the way God sees me. The children would run to me with gifts of stones or dirt and I saw myself, filthy and broken, offering my life to the God of the universe and begging Him to make it into something beautiful. I sit here in a broken world, small and dirty at His feet, and He who sits so high chooses to commune with me, to love me anyway. He blinds Himself to my sin and my filth so that He can forge a relationship with me."

Now. If that small glimpse of her story does not leave you with chills and a heart so torn to read more ... Please get the book! I will continue writing on here as my journey with Katie in Uganda proceeds. 


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