Monday, July 14, 2014

Our God is an Awesome God!

I think it is amazing how God puts us in the places we are meant to be, and He never fails at placing us there at the perfect moment. 

I went to the Atlanta Market last week for our store. On the second to last day, I wandered away from my group to browse through a showroom, hoping to find something we had never seen that week.  Well, as of late,  I have liked the headbands that seem to be so popular and many girls are wearing. Our group had just bought quite a few at another show room earlier that morning, but as I walked by this little set-up, resting on an eye-catching turnable display, I was admiring the beauty of these headbands. I was completely oblivious to the brand as well as the massive photos on the lower half of the display, all that was noticed was just the patterns stitched on the bands.  Instead of twisting it around, I walked to the other side of the display to look at more, and when I glanced down at the photo covering the display, was a photo of Katie Davis with a precious orphan in Uganda.  If you have been keeping up with this little blog, you will know she is the author of my favorite book, Kisses From Katie; the book I have been reading all summer.  She was looking at this darling little girl, and they were laughing. 
Like the social person I am, I walked over to the girls taking the orders and struck up a conversation, asking how she was connected to the bands. I explained I had been reading the book, as had they, and the three of us instantly became friends.
We talked about chapters and favorite paragraphs, and all of the sweet words within Katie's book. We talked about her inspiration and braveness, but most of all, her fearless and strong love for Jesus. 
It felt like I was in a haze. Almost in a dream. I had been hoping to find someone else who had read her book and was changed from it, and in this place, I did.   I know, without a doubt, that Jesus led me into that showroom and directly to that display. I was fighting back tears as we talked about her book and how the headbands contributed to the ministry Katie established. Amazima. The bands were created to support her ministry but also, each headband sold would provide an orphan in Uganda with three free meals. Nothing could hold me back from bringing Banded Headbands to our store. Nothing. 
 I left and found my group and proceeded to lead them over while explaining it to them as we walked towards the bands. My mom already knew my love for Kisses From Katie, as she had heard me discuss it with her in almost every conversation for the past month or so. It was daily, "Hey Mom ... I read this in Katie's book. It's short, but can I read it to you?" She always said yes and always loved what she had to say. 
We picked out nearly every band, along with several of her books, and set the delivery date to ASAP. 

The rest of the day, no matter how many other showrooms we visited, nor other products and brands we purchased, none of them matched Banded or the sweet conversation surrounding it. 


On the trip, I must have seen over one thousand people. All of them doing something different than the next, saying something, thinking something different.
That was just in one place. Imagine further, all over the world. Different countries, big cities, little towns ... Millions of people. Each one saying and thinking and doing something different.

I don't know about you, but when I go to a crowded place, I can not understand everyone. I can only hear the person talking next to me or to me, not across the room, or the person down the hall.

But Jesus can hear them all, separately and together, and He watches over each one, protects each one, and has a personal plan for every one.

And all I could do was say, "Our God is an awesome God." and watch in amazement.

Brooklyn DeShea

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