Sunday, August 3, 2014

Lead Me

Lead Me - Cover by Brooklyn DeShea

Hello, hello. 
I realized last night that some of my previous posts have been heavier topics, so I decided to lighten the mood with a new subject for the day! 


      I have filled my blog so far with everything except what it was created for. Ha. I initially started blogging to document my photography and music I've covered. I suppose I got carried away with writing posts. Hopefully you have enjoyed them, nonetheless.
     Without much further ado, here is a song I recently recorded. It is by Sanctus Real. He sings "Lead Me" from the perspective of a husband. 
"In picture frames, I see my beautiful wife, always smiling, but on the inside I can hear her saying:
Lead me, with strong hands,
Stand up, when I can't,
Don't leave me, hungry for love,
Chasing dreams, what about us:
Show me, you're willing to fight,
That i'm still the love of your life,
I know we call this our home,
But I still feel, alone." 

It's a very emotional song, the way Sanctus expresses himself. He sings about how he knows his family needs him to lead them ... he then breaks down towards the end, begging God to show him the way to do so ... He can't do it alone, and he needs His strength to be what his family needs him to be. 
   I love how rich the song is, coming to terms that as much as we want to be independent, strong, and a good leader, we need God. We need God to show us the way, for God to lead us. 
     I knew after hearing this song, and loving the story of it, it was one I needed to cover ... 
I hope you will enjoy my version and/or go purchase Sanctus's version on iTunes! 

Lead Me - Cover

Father give me the strength to be everything I'm called to be.