Monday, July 13, 2015

Compelled By Love.

Here we are, less than one week away from our departure date. Three days until lift off at the airport, until we are flying into the country we have been called to. I fail immensely at posting, and half the time I rewind and delete a few posts due to feeling like they lack something ... However, if you read the handful of posts from last summer, you would have read about my love of Kisses From Katie and how my heart grew to crave a mission trip of my own. I prayed for this. I begged God for this; I asked Him to send me. Send me anywhere. Tell me where to go; open the door ... I will go. 
2015 came, and He made a way. He opened the door. And I said, "Okay."
 I am going to Honduras along with a dear group from Church, that potentially consists of more than 20 people, including myself and my dad.  
In April at one of our team meetings, I introduced myself to one of the girls going on the trip, and we were friends in five minutes. She was super sweet, and last week I found out she will be my roomie in Honduras – Literally couldn't get any better. I am so excited to bond stronger friendships with each teammate as we take on this journey, which feels completely out of my comfort zone. Fully relying and trusting God ... I have no idea what to expect or what we will encompass. But the one certain thing I know, is that my God is already there. 

For the past few months, I have had a little anxiety when deeply thinking about this trip. A new country,  new language, new people. Also the countless travel warnings all over google regarding where we are going. But then one night, as I lay there wide awake in my bed, dissecting each little part of what we will be doing and potentially those we will be meeting, I realized it:

These men and women and children we will meet, they are His children - just as you and me. They are His. He created them the same way He created me, and He loves them like He loves me. Like He loves you. And once I considered it in this way, the less anxiety I had. God is allowing me the chance to meet my other brothers and sisters in Christ, that without this opportunity, I may not have ever met. I know my God will provide throughout this journey, and I know He will protect us. I know He has a plan for our team in Honduras, and I am so excited to see it become unveiled to us. 

Please keep our team in your prayers ... There is still so much to do in these last two days to pack and prepare for. But I know with God all things are possible and with Him, we can do anything.

Let your faith be bigger than your fear. 

< Compelled By Love - Brad & Rebekah >  --- check out this song. It is beautiful.